A day at the zoo. First stop: the butterfly exhibit.

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The clouds were ominous that day, my friends.

No, just kidding it’s actually a perfect day. Explored St B., including a visit to @belle_baguette.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Coconut cream, chocolate gnoch and lemon tarte at La Belle Baguette
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The family had a great time at the Fort La Reine Museum in Portage La Prairie.

Some highlights apart from the terrific tour included the ginger ale making (at the museum), and checking out some other sites in town including the largest Coke can statue (which I’m not sure why exists, by the way), and visiting the one and only Indian buffet in town, because, of course we had to do that.

We’ll be back.

Canadian Pacific train cars
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Update: Two and a half hours in. It smells amazing out here. Once that bark is finished forming, things will be foiled up.

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Applewood smoke out of a WSM

Smoking a pork shoulder over applewood for about 8 hours to make pulled pork tacos for a family summer barbecue.

It’s a low-and-slow kind of Sunday.

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