An under appreciated album

This is a great album from a few years ago and well worth a re-listen.

Album cover for Talon Kweli’s 2017 record, “Radio Silence”

Afternoon shots

Starting off the afternoon with a book and this medium roast espresso shot with frothed oat milk.

A  double shot of espresso topped with some frothed oat milk

Salty > sweet

I’m noticing a trend with posts dealing with sweets and desserts lately. I’ll have to get back to posting pictures of barbecue soon.

Japanese mochi + ice treats

These are pretty much the best bite-sized dessert out there. Small mounds of ice cream treats wrapped inside of a mochi rice cake. What’s not to love?

Japanese mochi ice treats

A recent trip to the bakery

We stopped by a local bakery for some treats last weekend. It was excellent as always.

Display case containing pastries with a menu in the background